Black Core Plus Cardstock for Board Games

Black Core Premium Plus Card StockBlack Core Plus cardstock is the standard for poker cards because of its high opacity, making it perfect for board games where secrecy is key. We offer two types of black core cards: Black Core 310 GSM and 330 GSM Black Core Plus. The material for both types is manufactured in Germany. Unlike our 310 GSM option, our Black Core Plus cardstock doesn’t come with a linen texture. With a weight of 330 GSM, this is the heaviest cardstock that we offer. 

What are playing cards made of?

All cards are constructed of two pieces of paper: the front side and the backside of the card. When a core is added, a thick sheet of paper is placed between the front and backside of the card. This prevents light from shining through the card and revealing what is on the front side. 

Black core plus cards provide high opacity, meaning that light can’t get through the cards and expose them to other players. These cards are often used in casino card games where cheating is a concern.

If you’re interested in using Black Core for your board game, head to our custom board game calculator for an instant budgetary quote. To see what Black Core feels like up close, order a standard card sample pack. 

There are lots of ways to save money on your custom card game. Please visit our card game cost reduction guide to learn more about how to make your game as budget-friendly as possible. 

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