Coreless Value Plus Cardstock

Featuring a 350 GSM, our Coreless Value Plus cardstock is the thicker of our two coreless options. A great option for cards that don’t need to be handled frequently, they are the perfect choice if you’re looking to save money on your 200+ card order. If your deck is under 200 cards or you’re making a deck with cards that need to be handled frequently (like a poker deck), we recommend going with our Blue Core Standard cardstock.

What are playing cards made out of?

All cards are constructed of two pieces of paper: the front side and the backside of the card. When a core is added, a thick sheet of paper is placed between the front and backside of the card. This prevents light from shining through the card and revealing what is on the front side. 

If your card game doesn’t require frequent handling, going coreless is a great choice. Choosing a coreless cardstock on a 200+ card order will leave some wiggle room in your budget. Consider branching out and adding specialty options to your custom card game with foil stamping, spot UV, or one of our other specialty print options. 

If you’re interested in using Coreless Value Plus for your card game, head to our custom card game price calculator for an instant quote. To see what Coreless Value Plus feels like up close, order a sample pack. 

For help making your custom card game project as affordable as possible, please check out our cost reduction guide.

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