Board Game Cost Reduction

Substitution/component cost reduction

Cost reduction is an important part of the board game making process. PrintNinja understands that you want to create the best possible product for the least amount of money. Of course, the quality of your overall product will remain even with less expensive components.

Starting off, the cheapest pieces are going to be cardboard tokens and tiles. Some creators have used plastic stands with cardboard inserts to create movable player pieces. While we offer pieces made of wood, glass, stone, and plastic, these pieces are more expensive. Keep in mind that these pieces will reduce in price when ordering higher quantities.

Many commercial board games include parts to the game that are not always necessary like notepads, pencils, and timers. While we offer these components, it is up to the creator to decide whether they really improve the game play.

Moving onto the bigger components, full color booklet-style instruction manuals can be costly. Instead, we offer the option to make a foldable instruction manual in black and white, which will help lower your costs.

We want to help you take down your costs, but still work to make sure your board game is still fun. Playtesting is recommended before you start cutting down costs, to insure that the board game is still playable without certain pieces. During playtesting you should be finding ways to challenge your own assumptions about what your board game is.

Overall, the cost reduction process is a very consultative process and we want to be here to help every step of the way. If you feel ready to get a quote, click here for our free quote calculator.


Shipping cost reduction

At PrintNinja, we ship board games across the globe to almost any country. We have two main methods of shipping: air and ocean. Shipping via freight plane is the more costly method, but it also means your project arrives at your doorstep much quicker. With ocean shipping, it’s about 5 weeks until your board game arrives at the shipping warehouse.

We also allow split shipping, where customers choose multiple shipping locations for their board game. You might need 500 units shipped to your doorstep, and the other 500 shipped to your office. — either way, we’ve got you covered. As a way to reduce cost, we even offer hybrid shipping.  This means a portion of your project ships quickly via air, while the remainder ships overseas.


Board games without custom game pieces

The success of your game is all about content and playability. Designing custom game pieces can catch the eye of your potential customers, but their decision to play it again and again – and recommend it to friends – rests on the content you’ve created.

Is your game fun to play? Easy to understand? Does it offer your players a new experience they can’t get anywhere else? If the answer is yes, your game’s sales won’t suffer if you use our stock pieces.

Focusing on content, rather than accessories and components, is an excellent way to reduce the cost of producing your game. Custom game pieces are great for supplementing an original premise, but they can’t make a game successful on their own.


PrintNinja vs. competitors

Contrary to popular belief, PrintNinja actually encourages you to do your research with other sites to find the right cost. This is especially true if you find our 500 minimum order quantity to be too much. Creating a custom board game is not going to be cheap- in fact, it will be fairly pricey. But for the quality of manufacturing that you will receive with PrintNinja, we highly recommend creating through us!

We understand if you are uninterested in us because you’re looking to create under 500 custom board games. We respect that and there are definitely other options for you somewhere else. Although, if you’d like to continue with PrintNinja and try out mass production, check out our instant quote calculator for free!

PrintNinja is unique because our calculator allows you to play around with pricing and different components until you find what works best. All of this is without being forced to create an account or wait for a representative to help you. We understand that you’re busy, so PrintNinja allows you to pick your cost, on your own time.

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