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5 Money Saving Hacks

One of our favorite parts about working at PrintNinja is helping customers find ways to make their dream project a reality. A lot of the time, this includes coming up with creative solutions for limited budgets. The independent creators and small businesses that we work with don’t have unlimited money, but still end up with a great looking project. Over the years, we’ve gathered quite a few money saving hacks, and we’d like to share them with you!

Opt for metallic ink

If you want to add a metallic pop to your project but are working on a limited budget, you may want to consider opting for metallic ink over foil stamping. Metallic ink tends to be the more economical option, especially when ordering in large quantities, but provides a similar look and feel to foil stamping. Read more about the difference here.

Skip the newsprint

When customers ask us if they can print on newsprint, we ask them: “How many units are you printing?” Why? Since newsprint has to be printed on a web press, that means their Minimum Order Quantity is 10,000 units! That’s a lot more than most of our customers are able to order, so we recommend they use uncoated paper and some creative design to emulate the feel of newsprint without the high MOQ. Read more about how to create the newsprint feel here.

Go for split binding

If you’re interested in printing two or more versions of your book you can save money by doing a split binding run instead of placing separate orders. The interior pages for every copy are printed all at once before being separated for the different bindery runs, so the inner “guts” of your book project are exactly the same, just with separate cover types. Read more here.

Think inside the box

Rules are essential to every game, but adding a rule booklet to every copy of your card or board game can get pricey. For those looking to save some money, printing your instructions on your board game box or on a card or two in your deck is a great option. Read more here.

Count your cards

One of the factors with the biggest impact on your card game’s price is card count. This is because parent sheets (the paper that your card game is printed on) can only hold so many cards per sheet. You can cut down on cost by creating a game that only requires the number of cards that can fit on one parent sheet. Read more here!

Wondering about other money saving options? Check out our Printing Resource Center to read more, or contact us if you have any questions about your project.