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3 Book Cover Trends We Love For 2021

You’ve heard not to judge a book by its cover. Well, no offense, but we think covers are pretty dang important! Covers are the first thing a customer sees when they pick up your book, so it’s important that your cover makes a great first impression. Here, we rounded up 3 book cover trends for 2021. Whether you’re just thinking about printing your project or are ready to submit to pre-press, we hope you find some inspiration for your book project’s cover. 

Retro Collage 

One of 2021’s biggest cover trends is retro collage. These covers all take elements from vintage photography but add a twist to them — like a circle cutout, clock hands, or a cloud background — that indicate that these books may have a few interesting layers. We think any of these covers would look great with a spot UV to highlight select parts of them.

Bold Typography

With minimal color palettes and restrained images, these covers let their words do the talking for them. We love the bold contrasts of red, black, and white on these covers, and think a matte varnish would help their titles pop even more.

Faux Texture 

The covers of these books are kinda like optical illusions: they look textured, but are actually just printed to make them look that way. Making a hardcover book can get expensive, so having a softcover book designed to look textured is a great alternative if you want the look of a textured hardcover without the cost. Read about more money saving printing tips here!

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