Shrink Wrap for Card Games

Shrink wrapping your card game prevents your components from dust, dirt, and damage. Luckily, we can add shrink wrap to your order of card decks or tuck boxes for no additional cost.

Deck of Cards

shrink wrap cards

Opting for shrink wrapping your deck without any other packaging is an economical choice, since shrink wrap is complimentary with an order of a deck of cards. Additionally, you can choose to shrink wrap multiple functioning decks of cards within your game, adding a professional touch to your card game.

Pull Tab

For easy opening, you can add a pull tab to your shrink wrapped card deck. This option is only available for poker sized decks with blue core standard cardstock between 52 – 60 cards. Because of these limitations, please ask your Customer Service Ninja if a pull tab is the right option for your order.


Please take special note that card decks that are shrinkwrapped ONLY will need to include the country of origin text in one of three ways:

  1. Added to the artwork on either the first card/front side or last card/backside 
  2. Via an added standard sticker. This will come with additional cost, so be sure to reach out to your Account Manager if you wish to go this route. See below for an image example of the standard stickers we have available:

    The sticker is transparent and approx. 23mm x 7mm (.91” x .28”).

    You will need to let your Account Manager know the requested placement of the sticker.

    If you wish to apply the stickers yourself to each unit, that is possible! You will just need to request that sticker sheets be sent with the project. 
  3. Via custom stickers to be applied to the outside of the shrink-wrapping/packaging that contains the country of origin. For this metod you will be responsible for providing the print-ready artwork. This will come with additional cost, so be sure to reach out to your Account Manager if you wish to go this route.

Still have questions about shrink wrap for cards? Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email and we will answer any questions you may have.

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