Why Print With PrintNinja?

Since we launched in 2009, PrintNinja has printed over 6 million comic books, tabletop games, children’s books, art books, photo books and graphic novels for thousands of independent creators, publishers, and businesses — many of whom have funded their project through crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. So what makes PrintNinja the go-to printing service for crowdfunding campaigns like Kickstarter and Indiegogo? Why do creators love PrintNinja?

International Service Team

PrintNinja was established to help creators and businesses take advantage of the low pricing available through international offset printing while eliminating the risks of manufacturing in a foreign country. Here’s how we do it:

Our American Office

We eliminate the language barrier by having full-time customer service and pre-press departments run from our Chicago office. We’re here to make sure your project comes out exactly the way you intend it to. We also help you make sure your files are set-up correctly to prevent any surprises.

Our Chinese Office

We eliminate the international logistics and accountability problems by having full-time printing and logistics departments run from our Shenzhen office. Our team in China is at the printing factory regularly. They perform the necessary press checks and quality control to ensure that each project meets our high standards.

Logistics Experience

Our Experience

PrintNinja has the established trade channels to get books from the factory right to our customers’ doors with little-to-no hassle. We offer warehousing, fulfillment services, freight forwarding, air shipping, split shipping, and quick turnaround for expedited orders. Additionally, we take care of all import and customs details for customers in the USA and Canada. If you’re in another country, we’ll help guide you through the import process step by step.

Our Size

PrintNinja does a lot of printing, and more importantly, we do a lot of printing specifically for independent creators. We have shipping containers going from China to the US every week, keeping costs low even for small orders.

The volume of these orders gives us more leverage. With PrintNinja, someone doing their first run of comics or card games has the same treatment as a huge publishing company. If something is printed incorrectly, we will do our best to catch it before it even leaves the factory and we force a reprint. All of this makes us uniquely positioned to act a printing service for crowdfunding creators and their campaigns.

Print Quality

Offset printing (as opposed to digital printing or print-on-demand) is the highest quality printing available and provides the the lowest per-unit price of any printing method available. Most books and tabletop games on the shelves of your local store were printed offset, because the beautifully saturated colors and authentic feel of offset printing can’t be replicated by digital print-on-demand processes which use laser toner instead of ink.

The Drawbacks: Offset printing has higher setup costs than digital printing, and thus higher minimum order quantities.

International and Domestic Printing


If there’s a universal truth about International Orders, it’s that they are much more affordable. By printing internationally, we can make full-quality offset runs cost-effective at run sizes as small as 250 copies, and for runs of 1000-10,000 copies the price difference is truly dramatic.

The Drawbacks: The turnaround times of international shipping can be much longer than those of domestic shipping. If a book or game’s schedule has been laid out with enough time, however, the cost savings of printing offset internationally, rather than domestically, can be immense.


We have a domestic printing facility with a large digital offset printer we operate out of Chicago, IL. So if you’re in the US and want to make speed of delivery your priority, know that we offer runs of 1-499 copies for saddlestitch booklets (comic-style binding), Softcover Books (perfect bound), and card games!

The Drawbacks: While much faster than international shipping. We can’t offer the same run-size or speciality features as International Orders. However, we’re constantly improving our domestic facilities, so make sure to check back often for updates.

What Else Does PrintNinja Offer?

We work with a ton of crowdfunders from platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. So, we know it can be easy to lose time and money during the backer fulfillment process. We help crowdfunders keep control over their campaign schedule and budget to get things delivered successfully.

With our gigantic warehouse and its experienced staff, we help crowdfunders disentangle themselves from packing tape and get back to doing what they do best — innovation and creation! We bill ourselves as a great printing service for crowdfunding because we think we’re uniquely positioned to help independent creators move their projects from idea to reality.

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