Artwork Recommendations

Artwork Recommendations

Offset games can be printed in full color (CMYK) or greyscale/black and white. Full color printing is created by blending four colors of ink: cyan, magenta, yellow and black – also known as key for K.

Black and white or greyscale uses just one color of ink, black, lending itself to be more cost-effective. Keep in mind games printed with just black will not be as deep as rich black, which is the outcome of using all four colors of CMYK.

Cards and Packaging Artwork

Whether you choose full color or black and white is your creative choice. However, we cannot print on foil booster packs. The most noteworthy tip for your cards and packaging artwork is to keep in mind that bleed applies. To avoid white lines showing around your edges follow this bleed guideline.

Instructions Artwork

Most instructions are printed in black and white since they are heavy in text. If you choose to print your instructions in full color, we recommend submitting your files with your text profile set in greyscale to avoid ghosting. The rest of your file can be submitted as CMYK.

Booklets are often printed with full color covers and black and white interiors. If this is what you prefer please choose the black & white option on our card game calculator. Then write a brief explanation in the additional notes box.

File Design Considerations

Read through our Printing Color Guide to avoid the most common pitfalls when printing in offset.


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