Custom Miniatures Assembly

When your custom miniatures design becomes too complex to capture in a simple injection, some sort of assembly is likely to be required. In this instance, your design will be broken down into multiple pieces within the mold, then assembled and glued together after the injection process. 

For simple/single assembly, this includes an assembly that only requires 1 piece being attached and glued with 1 other piece. For instance, a piece attached to a base that is impossible to achieve as a single injection. Please refer to our page on the process of us producing our own miniatures for some good examples of this.

Swagerad, the dragon piece, was a complex piece. He was twice as large as the other miniatures we produced and had a complex base and features. He was cast out of 4 different pieces. His body, wings, and the rock base were all injected as separate pieces in their own tools. Those pieces were then assembled and glued together post-manufacturing. However, if only two pieces were required (for example, his body and the base) this would be considered a simple/single assembly. With the addition of the wings, head, and arms, this becomes a complex multiple assembly. 

When entering these values in the following dropdowns, please enter the number of miniatures that require that style of assembly. For example, if you have 6 miniatures and 2 require a simple assembly, you would enter 2 in the simple assembly dropdown. If 2 more require no assembly, but 1 requires multiple pieces, you’d enter 1 in the complex assembly dropdown. Please note that the complex drop-down does NOT refer to the number of assembled pieces in 1 design, but the number of miniatures that have a complex assembly. 

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