Proofing for Packaging

You have three options for proofing your packaging project. 

Electronic proof: Complimentary with your order, this method will deliver a PDF proof of your project to you via email that has been preflighted and checked by our expert prepress managers. During this process, we’ll verify your project is press ready and give you guidance for any adjustments that might need to be made. There is no limit on the number of electronic poofs you can utilize and we won’t go to press until you are satisfied with and approve this electronic version of your project. 

Hardcopy Proof: We have 2 options for hardcopy proofing packaging projects. 

An offset printed version that is die cut to the geometry selected, or a digitally printed option.

The offset hardcopy proof for your packaging project will utilize one press sheet printed on the same equipment as the final product to guarantee the closest representation of the final product  possible. We’ll then die cut the box to the correct geometry and mail a copy to you for approval. 

The digitally printed version will NOT BE COLOR ACCURATE to the final product, but will be on the same material and have the same dimensions as the final product. 

While checking the hardcopy proof, you’ll want to pay close attention to the quality of the printing, the materials and test the construction. If there are any issues just let us know and we’ll work on a quick resolution. 

Hardcopy proofs require quite a bit of calibration and setup so digitally printed hardcopy proofs (not color accurate) cost $250, while the offset printed proof (which is color accurate) costs $350. Both include expedited shipping to your home. Please note: these proof prices may increase if you add any specialty options to your design.

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