Finish Styles

What types of finish styles does PrintNinja offer?

The finish is a protective coating applied over the printed surface of your packaging. We offer two finish styles to choose from when printing your packaging project: varnish and lamination.

Varnish is applied as a liquid and protects your design from minor scratches and scuffing. Choose gloss varnish for a subtle reflective finish or matte for a more muted effect. Varnish can be a great choice for packaging that is intended to be disposable.

Lamination is applied as a film and provides more durable protection than varnish. Gloss lamination provides a highly reflective luster, while matte lamination offers a more subtle finish. For luxury or high-end packaging, consider upgrading to anti-scratch gloss, anti-scratch matte, or soft-touch matte lamination. Anti-scratch matte lamination is highly recommended if you’ve selected a matte style, and your artwork has a substantial area covered by a dark color. Matte is more prone to showing scratches on dark ink, so we recommend adding anti-scratch matte-lamination or choosing gloss if your artwork is heavy on dark ink. Adding lamination is a great option for packaging products that will be used again and again — for instance, board game boxes. These options are all more expensive but can add either extra durability, or an upscale feel to the final product.

Left: Gloss varnish. Right: Matte Varnish


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