Alternate Board Game Instruction Options

Print Instructions on a Playing Card or Your Game Box

Print Instructions on a Playing Card or Your Game Box

Instructions are one of the most important elements to your custom board game. You can’t play a game if you don’t know the rules! That being said, you can be unique with the way you convey rules. Rule books or instruction sheets aren’t the only way to convey guidelines to your players. Get creative and think outside the box…or on it! For a cost-effective option, print your rules on the game box or on a single card.

PrintNinja offers a fully customizable board game instruction option that allows you to print game rules right on the box itself. It is especially compatible with two-piece board game boxes, as well as card game boxes. Just submit your instructions alongside your artwork and specify exactly what you’d like.

Keep in mind that card count affects cost, so if you add an instruction card, make sure it doesn’t surpass the optimal card number per parent sheet.

No Instructions?

If you are thinking about creating a classic 52 card deck with universally known rules, feel free to just ditch instructions altogether! It lowers the cost for you, and allows for more freedom for your customers to play. Some customers find it easier and more cost effective to leave out printed instructions altogether. Some even more alternate options include creating a QR code and a URL that allows for online instructions. For more cost reduction options, make sure to check out our cost reduction guide here.

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