Board Game Accessories

We offer several accessories that can add extra functionality to your custom board game. To see how adding these accessories to your game can impact your cost, check out our custom board game calculator for a free budgetary quote. Or, order a sample pack to see some of these accessories up close.

Arrow Spinner

Arrow Spinner

Spinners are a good substitute for dice or perfect for games that don’t rely on numbers to move players through the board. The spinner can be mounted onto a board with your own custom artwork.

Our stocked spinners have an arrowhead to provide a definitive answer no player can argue with.

The Game of Life utilizes this type of spinner.

Point Spinner

Though this board game pointer spinner is similar to the arrow spinner piece, it is easier to spin. You can also mount this type of spinner onto a board with custom artwork. Since this spinner is about 80mm long and has a 20mm diameter stand, players can use it without a game board.

Games like Twister are a good example of point spinner board game pieces being used.

Sand Timer

Sand timers are available for :30, 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00 time increments to fit your board game needs. This sand timer is your traditional plastic timer found in many board games. It’s also a great substitute for digital timers found in many board games.

Timers are used in games like Boggle and Pictionary.


Mini pencils are a helpful addition to many board games. We offer small golf pencils for interactive games that require writing things down.  If your minimum order quantity is high enough, we even offer custom printed pencils that can have the logo of your board game on them.

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