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From comic books and tabletop games to zines, crowdfunding has made product marketing imaginable like never before – which means that it’s a great time to Kickstart your board game. To date, over 35,000 games alone have launched on Kickstarter.

We love indie creators. We’ve printed over 200 crowdfunding projects, and have been floored by the masterfully created projects we’re lucky to have been a part of.

Ninja Tip: If you’ve successfully funded your campaign there may be a tax advantage to spending your campaign funds within the calendar year. See what Kickstarter has to say about it here. You can spend your campaign dollars with PrintNinja even if your artwork won’t be ready until the following year!

PrintNinja Board Game Reviews:

“We had a highly complex product with an array of special printing effects and features necessary. Gilt edges, foil stamping, linen texture, Spot UV, some cards were two-sided, some were not, plastic injection molding… It would have been easy to make a mistake at any of several stages in the process, but Printninja was diligent and careful every step of the way. The end result is a product that exceeded not just my expectations but my hopes. Superlative.”

Dreamkeepers SKIRMISH- Shadow Wars of Anduruna

“I received the cards on schedule, and they all look great. The thickness / feel is exactly like the samples I received ahead of time for the card stock and finish that I ultimately chose. I’m very pleased with the order and will use Print Ninja again for other projects.”

The Library Tarot

“PrintNinja did a beautiful job with the printing of the deck of cards I designed! The customer service was also exceptional. Whenever I had a question or concern, they responded quickly and caringly.”

Botanic Whispers Deck

Choose PrintNinja For Your Crowdfunding Project

For the last decade, we’ve provided publisher-quality printing to indie creators around the world. Though offset printing is the most economical printing option, transforming an idea into a product takes resources, and many of our customers turn to crowdfunding campaigns to fund their products.

If you’re running a crowdfunding campaign, consider partnering with PrintNinja.

By partnering with us and advertising our banner on your crowdfunding page, you’ll get:

  • A free 5% overrun of your order. If you order 1000 copies, that’s an extra 50 copies!
  • Support on social media, showcasing your project to our network of indie creators.

Follow these steps to start funding:

  1. Save a quote! Outlining your budget is key to planning a successful Kickstarter, get started by quoting your project.
    • Our Kickstarter budget calculator can help you get started mapping out your funding and stretch goals.


  2. Download the banner of your choice below and upload it in the Project description or Risks and Challenges section of your Kickstarter campaign. See a past example of this on this Kickstarter campaign, Storytime – A Little Art Book, by Joey Spiotto.
    Risks and challenges
  3. Hyperlink the banner to this URL:
    • Hyperlink the badge by selecting the chain icon.

    Project description

  4. After you have successfully added the banner to your campaign, email us to let us know you’d like to take part in our social media program. We will need a link to your campaign, any relevant images, and your quote number.

Select your banner below:


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We have a lot of experience with creators on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe and we want to help you succeed. We’ve compiled our best tips and tricks, including a budgeting tool, in our crowdfunding Ebook.

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