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Kickstarter Showcase: Ten Cool Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter Showcase: Ten Cool Kickstarter Projects

Kickstarter has successfully funded over 130,000 projects, making it the place for indie creators to share their great idea. Here at PrintNinja, many of our customers are Kickstarter hopefuls who have a passion project, but need a community of supporters to help make it happen. We love indie creators, and below are just a few of the Kickstarter campaigns that we’ve printed that have hit their funding goal. Check out these ten cool Kickstarter projects.


PokéNatomy, an office favorite, revisits the phenomenon of the original 150 Pokémon, dissecting and expanding upon their anatomy. This project more than surpassed its goal of $20,000. With 643 backers, Pokénatomy’s campaign ended with $34,526.

Golden Book

Storytime: a Little Art Book is a delightful artbook by artist, Joey Spiotto. Inspired by the Little Golden Books, this quintessential coffee table book presents some of today’s most recognizable characters from pop culture reimagined in whimsical charm. With an initial funding goal of $15,000, by the end of their campaign, the campaign nearly quadrupled reaching $73,718 with 1,398 backers.

Storytime: a Little Art Book

In beautiful illustrations, Veeptopus reimagines U.S. vice presidents with octopuses mounted on their heads. A must have for any marine lover or history buff each stunning portrait is accompanied by an offbeat fact, like Theodore Roosevelt, who tamed a wild badger and named it Josh. With 245 backers, Veeptopus raised $15,137, well past an initial funding goal $9,500.


The A-Z Guide to Jobs for Girls followed up their smash children’s book with an activity book featuring 40 pages of illustrations, filled with traditional and non-traditional occupations for women. This very special, limited edition features a “P is for President” page. This project raised $3,700, $700 more than their $3000 goal, this is the perfect activity book to inspire both girls and boys.


Aetherium is a skirmish level miniatures board game that challenges players in a contest of mental skill. Players try to outthink their opponent using programs, resources, and the world itself in order to carve a space inside this fluid reality. Aetherium raised $29,176 from 203 backers, far more than their $20,000 goal.


Fate Foretold is a tarot-inspired strategy card game where players race against one another to take control of fate itself. Every one of the sixty-six cards in the game is unique, with custom artwork and a lasting effect on how the game is played. Play is shaped as much by the players as the cards themselves, and with each card being unique, no two games will ever be alike! With the help of 300 backers, Fate Foretold raised $18,046, passing their initial goal of $15,000.

Strong Female Protagonist: Book One – Strong Female Protagonist follows the story of Allison Green, a former superhero who turns her back on fighting crime to go to college and fight real-world problems, not just punch robots. With the support of 1,967 backers, this project raised $60,974!

A Webcomic Anthologies

Strong Female Protagonist: Book Two– picks up where part one left off, with protagonist Allison Green still determining how she can make a real difference in the world and discover what it means to truly be a hero. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the second installment surpassed an initial funding goal of $12,000, raising $72,928 from 1,898 backers.

Strong Female Protagonist: Book Two

Dates– Dates is an anthology of positive, queer historical fiction, set throughout time and across the world. Thrilled to create a new sub-genre that has gained such positive feedback, Dates gives queer characters a voice and depth rarely seen in mainstream historical fiction. Dates received $34,222 from 1,023 backers, well surpassing their $20,000 goal.


Tad– Tad is a delightful children’s book about a tiny tadpole finding his way. Tad tries to fit in with different groups, but he can’t quite seem to figure out where he belongs. This adorable storybook reached its goal and then some. Initially asking for only $11,487, Tad, with the help of 158 backers, raised $13,370.

Whether using Kickstarter or another crowdfunding source, we help indie creators print their project. If you’re planning a Kickstarter of your own see how we can help your campaign from our specialty options that are ideal for reward tiers or social promotion program that can help you spread the word about your project.