View Window

What is a view window? Should you add one to your packaging project?

The option to include a view window is completely up to you and should serve the marketing of your product. In some cases, it will be vital to show your product inside the box, and in other cases, a beautiful design is all that is necessary. When deciding whether to include this feature in your packaging project, it’s important to consider how your product will be placed within your box: after all, you don’t want to include a view window only to learn that your product isn’t visible through it!

When including this feature in your packaging project, you’re able to choose from two standard options: 

View window without plastic covering means that there will be a hole die cut into the facing portion of your package. There will be no film covering the window, meaning that your product will most likely be touchable via the window. This may be a good option if you’d like customers to be able to feel the texture or softness of your product before purchasing.

Tuckbox covered white
View window with plastic covering is exactly what it sounds like. A thin sheet of plastic will be glued to the inside of your box to protect the contents while allowing the inside to be visible. Opting for a plastic covering is great if you’re worried about your product potentially being tampered with on retail shelves.


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