Custom Booster Packs

With only 1-20 cards in each packet, custom booster packs may seem simple to manufacture. However, there are several manufacturing challenges involved in producing booster packs.

First, consider that there are two “kinds” of booster packs, “not-random” and “random.”

“Not-random” Booster Packs

A “not-random” booster pack is the easier of the two to make. Think of this as a functionality extension for a card-based role-playing game. Say you’re designing a game about teenage zombies — an example of this booster pack might be “Prom-bies,” a pack filled with 10 zombie characters with special dancing abilities. If you make 1,000 “Prom-bies,” they’ll all be the same. Customers that want to add a specific functionality to their game simply buy the booster pack for the functionality that they want.

“Random” Booster Packs

If you want “random” custom booster packs, you’re moving into the realm of trading card games. These booster packs include a random assortment from hundreds of cards that you have designed and printed. Customers buy multiple booster packs hoping to get an especially powerful card. This revenue model is attractive to card game producers, retailers, and customers! However, it’s a revenue model that is not easily accessible to small creators.

The main producers of booster packs – games like Pokémon, Magic the Gathering, or Yu-Gi-Oh! – are toy companies that have millions of dollars to produce their products, which gives them the financial ability to produce something like booster packs. The amount of units required to create any significant randomization is around 20,000. As a result, a creator who wants to create random custom booster packs needs to be prepared to spend somewhere in the $100,000 range.

Additionally, printing on foil packaging requires very high order minimums due to setup costs, so for most orders we are unable to print directly on booster packs. With that said, labels and stickers are cost-effective alternatives many game designers use to decorate their booster pack contents.

If you’re prepared to invest in creating custom booster packs, we can simplify the production process. Please note that in order to quote your randomized booster pack, we will require artwork as well as a mathematical breakdown of how many cards of each you will need. Again, the MOQ for randomization is 20,000 units. Contact one of our Customer Service Ninjas to get more information.


Please take special note that card decks that utlize foil booster packaging will need to include the country of origin text in one of two ways:

  1. Via an added standard sticker. This will come with additional cost, so be sure to reach out to your Account Manager if you wish to go this route. See below for an image example of the standard stickers we have available:

    The sticker is transparent and approx. 23mm x 7mm (.91” x .28”).

    You will need to let your Account Manager know the requested placement of the sticker.

    If you wish to apply the stickers yourself to each unit, that is possible! You will just need to request that sticker sheets be sent with the project.
  2. Via custom stickers/screen printing to be applied to the outside of the shrink-wrapping/packaging that contains the country of origin. For this metod you will be responsible for providing the print-ready artwork. This will come with additional cost, so be sure to reach out to your Account Manager if you wish to go this route.

Looking for more information on taking your custom card game from dream to a reality? Head back to our card game hub to be guided through all the steps of creating your card game, from the design process and industry standards to manufacturing and marketing your game.

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