Game Board Finishes

One of the final steps of designing a game board is choosing which of our finishes to apply.  The finish protects the ink and prevents scratches.

Game Board Thickness

Board Finishes

When choosing a board finish, you need to select one style between gloss and matte. Gloss adds a reflective shine, while matte adds a duller shine and smoother touch.

Because our boards are generally produced from 2mm high-density paperboard at minimum, they require lamination as it is the best finish for thicker material. Not only that, but game boards take a beating so we’ve decided to make the most protective finish, lamination, the default board finish.

Tiles and Token Finishes


Tokens and tiles are produced from 1.5 mm greyboard. This is a thinner option than other game boards, so you’ll be required to pick a finish type, either varnish or lamination, as well as a gloss or matte style.

Varnish is the most common finish type used for thinner material, but if you want a more water-resistant option, you can opt for lamination, which is also the most protective option.

Matte (Anti-Scratch)

Laminated matte finish


Anti-scratch matte lamination is highly recommended when you choose a matte style finish, especially when your board artwork has a large coverage area of dark ink. Matte is prone to showing scratches on dark ink, so if you have pieces (meeples, pawns, etc.) that move around the board often, we recommend adding anti-scratch matte-lamination or choosing gloss.

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