Custom Glass Board Game Pieces

Our custom glass board game pieces will make the perfect addition to your custom board game. Browse our wide selection of options below to find the best pieces for you. Visit our custom board game calculator to compare the costs of different types of wooden game pieces, or order a sample pack. If you want to make custom pieces for your board game, we can do that too! Be sure to check out our custom miniatures page to learn more about the process.

Marble board game piecesMarbles glass

Our glass marble board game pieces are about 16mm in diameter and come in a variety of translucent colors. They can help to add a multidimensional aspect to your board game.

Examples from existing games: Aggravation, Marble Run.


Stone and Gem board game pieces

Glass gems

Our stones come in a variety of translucent colors so that you can add color to your board game. These custom glass stone board game pieces often act as counters in these board games.

Examples from existing games: Mancala.



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