Custom Board Game Box Options

It’s important to think outside the box when creating your custom board game – but what about thinking about the box itself? The box is the first thing customers see when picking up your custom board game, and PrintNinja is committed to helping you make a great first impression. We have several packaging options, ranging from simple to complex – meaning whatever your game is, we’ll be able to find the perfect packaging fit for it.

Once you’ve explored our options, head to our board game calculator to get an instant budgetary quote and to compare the ballpark cost of choosing different packaging options. Or, order our educational and playable board game sample pack to see some of our packaging options – as well as other board game elements – up close.

Looking for ways to save on your custom board game? Check our our guide to making your game as budget friendly as possible. Additionally, head to our templates page to see templates for all of our packaging options – which you can utilize while making a prototype of your game for playtesting.

For further info on box types for your board games, check out our categories page here or browse below:

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