Board Game Templates

If you’re looking to create a custom board game, you’ll first want to prototype and playtest your game – and a great way to start that process is by using some of our custom board game templates. Here, you’ll find all the templates you need to make a demo version of your game, like files for screens, punch-0uts, and boxes and packaging. You’ll also find templates for different types of card sizes that you may want to include in your game. You can design your game to fit these templates, and then print out the templates at your local copy shop for a simple and cost-effective way of playtesting your game.

Further along in the process? You’ll want to utilize these templates while creating your artwork for your game. Be sure to check out our information and requirements on setting up your board game artwork file, as you’ll want to keep these guidelines in mind while printing your board game with PrintNinja.

Still looking for inspiration for your custom board game? Check out our board game ideas for analysis of popular board games and tips to make your game just as successful.