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PrintNinja has had the pleasure of working with thousands of talented creators. For a limited time, our sample packs will include a special edition “Artist Series” sticker. Each sticker was designed by an artist who printed a project with us and features their interpretation of our beloved “Inky” mascot. Peel away the sticker and use it to upgrade anything to ninja-level coolness!
The current sticker included in our sample packs was created by Lettie Jane Rennekamp — check out more of Lettie Jane’s beautiful work here: https://www.lettiejane.com
They’re free with a sample pack order, but when they are gone, they’re gone. Never to return. So don’t hesitate, and keep an eye on our social media for when the series is going into rotation!

When you’re ready to take your card printing project from the screen to the table, consider ordering a deluxe card sample pack. Our customer service agents work with you to hand-assemble samples: recent examples of our work that will help you make critical decisions about paper, finish, and binding options.

The photo above is an example of what you’ll receive – our card paper samples, a deck of playing cards printed on 280 GSM Blue Core Standard stock (our most popular card paper stock) and recent samples of games that other creators have printed with us.

We charge $25 to cover shipping and handling for addresses within the US. The $25 is fully refundable when you print with us. Outside of the US? We charge $40 to ship deluxe sample packs to Canada or Mexico or $65 to addresses outside of North America. These costs are fully refundable upon printing with us. International sample packs are shipped with UPS Standard or UPS Worldwide Expedited. Please note: UPS delivery times vary based on destination. While sample packs typically arrive in 7-10 business days, large packages can take up to 2 months to arrive.

To get your deluxe card sample pack started, please give us delivery information and sample request details on the form on the right. Don’t worry if you can’t quite get all of the details in – one of our account managers will then reach out to you by e-mail to ask you more about your project so that they can select the proper samples before confirming payment details. (Please allow up to 24 hours for our account manager to respond, but do expect a response.)

Deluxe Card Sample Pack Contents

The card paper samples include cards in every paper weight and with different coatings and textures. You can use these to really get a feel for the playability and quality of our card offerings.

The cards in the card sample pack are removable, which lets you shuffle and bend them to understand more about how your cards will perform in your game!

We include a PrintNinja-branded poker deck in these packs. The deck is printed on 280 GSM Blue Core Standard cardstock – it’s the industry standard. It’s a great way for you to see that the cards we print feel and perform like casino-quality cards should. Go ahead – play with them and shuffle them! It’s the best way that we know of to build confidence in the finished feel of your product.

There’s good foil stock and there’s bad foil stock – and we print on the best. If you’re considering foil stock, this pack will help you understand what’s possible on good paper.

Seeing is believing – examples of texture and spot foil application are shown above. Some creators find that specialty touches can really make a difference in customer perception of their game.

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