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It's time for the second issue of DUNCE! My autobiographic story where the pointy hat character JensK struggles with his everyday life, in the far north of Norway.

I had so much fun making and self-publishing the first issue of Dunce. With the help from you Kickstarters, hopefully Dunce 2 will come to life just as well, and maybe as soon as July 2017!

So, what is Dunce exactly?

Dunce 2 is planned to be 36 pages (A5) in full color

DUNCE is the name of my autobiographic comic strip that has been running daily in Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet since January this year. It’s sort of a modern day slice-of-life-strip, but it’s also a personal tribute to the old, classic comic strips that I grew up with and adored.

Doing a daily strip can be nerve wracking, but it’s also a huge learning experience. The Dunce universe seems to develop in every strip, every panel. The main character is the pointy hat guy (that is somewhat similar to myself?), but I quickly learned that these other characters also want to take the lead. For instance the coworker (a fish!), the eight year old son and the red haired girl living next door. I’m translating the strips to English as I go along, and as long as there are Kickstarters willing to support it, I release these self-pubished zines!

Art prints for you early birds

I love drawing the old fashioned way with ink, nibs and brushes. For those of you who appreciate a piece of original art, to hang on your wall (or to keep in your collection), I’ve added the possibility to pledge for Dunce with an original drawing. The motif will be based on a panel from the book, choose one of the originals pledges.

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