Custom Card Game Proofing

Once you’ve finalized the artistic design, instructions, and structure of your game, it’s time to move on to custom card game proofing. This is typically the final stage before your production of 500 units is sent to you. A proof is a copy of your game that we send you so you can make sure everything looks just right. During the proofing stage, you can’t make any alterations to the structure of your game–you’re just double checking that the visuals you wanted transferred from digital to physical format. If something does happen to be wrong, such as the colors are not what you expected or a page gets misprinted, this is where you tell us. It is important that the proof checks out before we use our resources and your money. 

We offer free electronic proofing as well as physical proofing for a set price. If you’re concerned about the way your colors will turn out, we strongly recommend ordering a physical proof. That way, we can make any changes to the color that you see fit. A physical proof will typically take around 3 weeks to ship to you, whereas a digital proof will only take a week. 

Card Game Physical Proof Pricing

Any component that is digitally printed will NOT be color accurate. Please read the following information carefully to find out what each part of the physical proof represents.

  • Playing cards, offset printed, packed in a tuck box = $350 per parent sheet*
  • Upgrade to two-piece box, digitally printed = $150
  • Instructions, digitally printed = $50
  • Shipping = $100
  • Turnaround time = 2 weeks

*If you don’t wish to include your cards, we can substitute placeholder cards that are the same size and material as your cards for free, $350 for blue core and coreless stocks. $600 for Black Core stocks, and $900 for Foil, and PVC.

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We’ve created a custom card game pricing calculator just for card games so you can explore printing choices, shipping methods, and accurate order prices for your project.

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