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Safety Testing

We have a relationship with a laboratory that is certified to run many safety tests for books, games, and other printed items. The most common test we run is the toxicity test, which tests your ink and paper for lead and mercury.


For the toxicity test we will print extra books during your press run and send them to our lab. The paper and ink will be burned into their natural chemical form and tested for unwanted material.
Price: $350

Adding a toxicity test to your order will add approximately one week onto your turnaround time.

Tubes for Safety Testing

Required Testing

Safety testing is mandatory for games that will be marketed to children under 13 years of age. If you plan to print “AGES 8+” on your game you will need to have paperwork stating you have passed a toxicity test before your game can enter the US Market.

If you want to be cost conscious then you can skip the safety test by not including a playing age on your game. However, if you plan to sell to retailers they will require that a play age is listed on the box. In this case you can skip the toxicity test by printing “AGES 13+”.

The safety testing procedure for card games are the same as for books, the paper and ink is tested. If you have components like meeples, wood cubes etc. there are more tests that need to be run and therefore a higher price associated.

All our paper and game pieces have been tested and have passed, but you will need to run the tests on your game to acquire the paperwork as a formality to sell your game to retailers.

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