Foil Stamping Setup Guide

Foil Stamp Setup Guide

The image to the right shows how your final cover will look with the foil stamp applied. The “Foil Stamp Guide” text will be foil stamped, while the black background and the PrintNinja logo will be printed. PrintNinja can foil stamp solid shapes and lines. Soft edges or gradients cannot be foil stamped. If you have specific questions, please contact your account manager.

Foil Stamp Setup Guide

To add foil stamped details to your cover, you will need to submit two unique versions of your cover artwork file. Both should be sized correctly according to our cover guides.

Cover File #1: A full-color file that contains all content (images and text) on your cover that will not be foil stamped. The foil stamping process is applied after your cover is printed. Any printed elements under the foil stamped area will not be visible.

Foil Stamp Setup Guide

Cover File #2: A single-color file that contains only the foil stamped area in solid black.

In the image below, note that only the foil stamped area is included in this file. For accurate results, the printed area must align perfectly with the foil stamped area.

The video below shows the embossing and debossing process:

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