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First-Class Mail

First-Class Mail postage is determined by your project’s size, shape, and weight making this the best shipping option for lightweight packages. Comics, catalogs, and magazines are typical printed work we ship via First-Class Mail domestic as it must be no more than 13 oz. However, First-Class Mail International packages must be no more than 4lbs.

Size Requirements

When measuring your large envelope, length is classified by USPS as the longest side. If your project can fit in the following packaging specifications it can ship First-Class.

  • Envelope must be rectangular
Minimum Size:

  • Height must be at least 3-1/2 inches
  • Length must be at least 5 inches
  • Thickness must be at least 0.007 thick
Maximum Size:

  • Height cannot be more than 6-1/8 inches
  • Length cannot be more than 11-1/2 inches
  • Thickness cannot be more than 1/4 thick

First-Class Mail Domestic (United States)

Domestic First-Class packages must weigh under 13 oz to qualify for this service, along with meeting the packaging requirements above. We recommend referencing USPS’s First-Class postage chart before shipping as they may change postage costs throughout the year. Keep in mind, this is just postage cost, these prices do not include packaging or handling if you plan on using a fulfillment service.

First-Class Mail International

Packages going to an International destination(any location outside the United States) can be shipped using First-Class Mail International. The package must meet the size requirements listed above and cannot weight more than 4lbs. Pro Tip: if your package weighs close to 4lbs you should compare the cost of priority mail flat rate as it’ll usually save you a few dollars.

USPS has made finding the postage cost a bit simpler by grouping countries together based on their shipping demand, then assigning a First-Class International postage cost to each group. Once you identify which group your destination falls in and you know the weight of your package, you can find your International postage cost.